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Teachers – the font of all knowledge?

By guest blogger Sarah Lynch, Senior Research Manager

I’m sure it takes a courageous teacher to talk about sensitive topics with their young students. I have clear memories of my ‘old’ male form tutor attempting to teach my class about sex and relationships which was embarrassing for everyone and useful to no one! Continue reading


It worked for me

Love it or hate it, Twitter is the place to go if you want a good argument.  Tristram Hunt seems not to be a fan, criticising in yesterday’s Guardian “Twitter-fuelled orthodoxies of left and right, with both sides displaying decreasing interest in evidence-based policymaking”.  One clash last night centred on the merits of a particular teaching intervention Mantle of the Expert. In the blue corner, @andrewolduk led the charge against, with his and his team-mates’ arguments ranging from “it looks mad” through to a more reasoned “where’s the evidence?”  And in the red corner, @debrakidd and others understandably rankled against the first of these arguments (perhaps the shadow education secretary has a point). It’s the response to the second argument I’m particularly interested in though: “It worked for me”. Continue reading