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The online activities of London’s young people: evidence-based tips to develop e-safety

By Karen Wespieser

To mark Safer Internet Day in 2015, the London Grid for Learning commissioned NFER to conduct a survey of 16,855 London children aged seven to 16 to find out about their online activities. This year on Safer Internet Day we can reflect on the results.
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Bullying: what’s new?

By Liz Puntan

Since my last blog post in June, bullying has been very much on the radar through the publication of new research, the launch of a new anti-bullying initiative, and the release of updated guidance for schools and parents from the Welsh and UK Governments.  I’ve produced this update to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week 2015, to refocus attention on this important topic through outlining these important developments and exploring the next steps in tackling bullying. Continue reading