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The future of technical and professional education: joining up the dots

By Tami McCrone

The Learning and Skills Research Network (LSRN) workshop held last week on the future of technical and professional education was as current, relevant and thought-provoking as ever. Continue reading

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Could it be that disengagement leads to poor skills?

By Tami McCrone

Last Thursday I attended two events in London: a Demos seminar reporting on ways to re-engage disengaged young people pre-16 years old, and an OECD seminar ‘Building skills for all – a review of England’ which offered policy insights from the survey of adult skills.
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Why understanding research engagement will help grow an evidence-led profession

By guest blogger Matt Inniss, Subject Leader for History and an Economics Teacher at Paddington Academy in Westminster

The ‘ResearchEd’ movement is gaining momentum. This is a grassroots effort by teachers to shape the agenda in educational research, CPD and use of evidence to inform our practice. Continue reading

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Engagement in learning: some knotty questions

A recent report published by Impetus: Private Equity Foundation said:

Key to preventing NEET status is developing our understanding of who is at risk and why. Asking difficult questions about what leads some young people to drop out of education and employment can lead us to difficult answers; but we have to confront the truth about these knotty issues.’(pg7) Continue reading