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‘When I saw the opportunity to take the prime minister to task over grammar schools, I had to take it’

By Karen Wespieser

This blog first appeared on TES, Monday 22 May 2017.

We all know that in the British political system, the electorate doesn’t actually vote for the prime minister – they vote for their local MP. Except I do. I live in Maidenhead – Theresa May’s constituency. So next month, her name will be on my ballot sheet. She therefore pops up at all the local events that one expects a constituency MP to attend: the local marathon, visiting local businesses and opening fetes. Continue reading

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Evidence in education – a lever for professional autonomy?

‘We need teachers, not civil servants to lead the teaching profession’. This was one particularly memorable quote from an event that the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) hosted last week with the Coalition for Evidence-based Education (CEBE): ‘Linking evidence and practice: what works? What next? Continue reading